Marketing and communication strategy

we help you better understand your customers: how to speak to them et make them understand the benefits of your innovation.
What are their problems and preoccupations? What influences them? Where can you find them?
What words would they use and might resonate?

How we work

Cimeteries are full of good products that did not find their market.Les cimetières sont remplis de bons produits qui n’ont pas trouvé leur marché.

Together, we aim at:

  • identifying your product’s target personas
  • understanding what is the job to be done that you are trying to solve
  • designing your go-to-market strategy
  • defining how you address each of your targets

We study your existing content and channels, and conduct several workshops with your team.

Our deliverables

  • Your personas and the expected job to be done
  • Your go to market strategy
  • Your communication strategy
  • The writing or proofreading of certain value-added contents

Why 15marches ?

  • A deep understanding of innovation marketing

  • A recognized quality of writing

  • Mastery of innovative communication and marketing practices

Our references

  • Positioning, strategy and go-to-market of a decision support solution for public transport