Future design

The pace of change seems to be faster than ever.

Are you future-ready?

Is your team on the same page regarding these new objectives?

How we work

We study markets, technologies and behaviors, looking for changes that could impact your activity.

We analyze and explain:

  • opportunities and strategic blindspots
  • threats that you need to anticipate (competition, technologies, disruptions,…)
  • a roadmap of your top-priority focus and actions

We help you share this stakes with your team and translate them into concrete objectives.

Our deliverables

  • Trends to explore
  • Blindspots to keep an eye on
  • People and organizations that you should follow
  • Your roadpmap

Why 15marches ?

  • We have been analyzing the intersection between digital technology and society for several years

  • From concept to action: we focus on actionable strategy

  • We believe explaining, helping to understand and convincing is part of the success

Our references

  • Study on the potential of autonomous technologies on urban logistics

  • Decoding the micromobility market and the stakes for public transport

  • Study on the stakes of parking for sustainable mobility