Training program and courses

Technologies, uses, business models: digital technology is reshuffling the deck.

How can you progress in understanding these transformations and take advantage of them in your business?

Analysis, perspective and practical applications based on our experience as consultants and former company executives.

Our teaching methods

We alternate theoretical content and practical exercises. Giving space to practical cases allow for a pragmatic understanding of the concepts presented. Whenever possible, we try to connect our community of learners to share experiences and questions.

Our courses

  • From weak signals to action (2 days)
    Detect and exploit trends and weak signals
  • From idea to business (3 days)
    Design, distribute and sell an innovative product.
  • Marketing innovation: finding users and scaling up (2 days)
    Build a go-to-market strategy and engage a community of users.

Why 15marches ?

  • An ability to make complex subjects clear and actionable

  • A very broad watch on the digital transformation

  • A global vision from designer to consumer

Our references

  • how to federate and animate your community of entrepreneurs

  • how to turn your business into a platform

  • business models and strategy of digital companies in mobility

  • how to win public contracts when you are a startup