Stories of the future

How might you talk about the future in your organisation?

How to engage co-workers in a conversation about possible futures?

How we work

We write tailored stories inspired by weak signals and trends. We create a conversation in which each reader can express their point of view. Are they likely? Desirable?

Employee participation can take the form of a live workshop-conference or an asynchronous format via a newsletter for example. From 5 to 5000 participants.

Our deliverables

  • An analysis of the possible evolutions of your organization and your market
  • One or more customized stories
  • Results of surveys and exchanges

Why 15marches ?

  • A new and unique approach, already proven with numerous clients

  • Active monitoring at the intersection of digital technology and society

  • No limitation on the size of the target audience

Our references

  • Future of insurance: Inspire the marketing team on emerging behaviors related to their product range: mobility, housing, money, family

  • Future of work: During the launching phase of a major company project on working methods, we helped them inspired all employees on what future of work could be.