We are innovation craftsmen

We create with each client a strategy adapted to take advantage of the disruptions at work.

We explore new and unique ways to build your business model, your product and your culture.

Our team

Our know-how: expertise and creativity.

Innover, c’est analyser les ruptures pour mieux imaginer comment changer le marché.

Innovating means analyzing disruptions to better imagine how to change the market.
For several years, we have been deciphering the mechanics of digital and ecological transitions. We also explore the intersection between digital and society, to understand the changes in behavior and models.

  • Stéphane Schultz

    Consultant and founder

    There are no methods to innovate, but you can't count on luck either.

    Graduate of École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Stéphane spent 15 years in industry and services.

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  • Charlotte Bouvet

    Art Director

    What is well conceived is clearly stated. Charlotte turns your presentations into events and your publications into must reads.

    Graduate of ESAA Duppéré and 6 years of experience in a graphic design agency.

Why 15marches ?

  • An active monitoring of the intersection between digital technologies and society

  • Our capacity to connect the dots to find blindspots

  • Our ability to explain and convince